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DAISIE is an R package that simulates and computes the (maximum) likelihood of a dynamical model of island biota assembly through speciation, immigration and extinction.

The model can be fitted to both empirical dated phylogenies and simulated data.

  • For an overview of the simulation functionality see here.
  • Details and an overview of the maximum likelihood inference capabilities to estimate parameters see here.
  • For details on comparing between two diversity depedence models see here.

Installing DAISIE

N.B.: MacOS users may experience issues when installing DAISIE, especially when on MacOS Big Sur. If that is you case, please see here for detailed installation instructions.

The DAISIE package has a stable version on CRAN and a development version on GitHub.


From within R, do:

From GitHub

Install DAISIE from this GitHub repository by running:


Using DAISIE as a package dependency


To your DESCRIPTION file, add DAISIE as any normal package.

If your package directly uses DAISIE:


If your package uses DAISIE in its peripherals (e.g. vignettes and tests):


From GitHub



For feature requests or bug-reports or other matters, please submit an issue.

Feature branches

  • master: build should always pass. @rsetienne has control over develop to master merges.
  • develop: merge of feature branches, merge with master by @rsetienne iff build passes.


DAISIE was originally developed by Rampal S. Etienne, Luis Valente, Albert B. Phillimore and Bart Haegeman. It is continuously maintained by members of the @tece-lab, at the University of Groningen.


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